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LeddarTech: The leading provider of advanced 3D detection and ranging solutions.

Leddar™ d-tec™ is the industry’s first and only optical detection and ranging product based on the time-of-flight of light principle. The patent-pending traffic solution provides unique advantages and benefits in answering your need for optimizing traffic management.

Leddar™ d-tec™ emits non-visible light into the area of interest and measures the time taken for the light to reflect off of objects and return to the sensor. Thanks in part to the speed of light, it provides very accurate 3D information as well as excellent lateral positioning of detected objects in the field of view—this enables the system to precisely detect objects of variable dimensions. In addition, since the acquisition information is compiled thousands of times per second, Leddar™ d-tec is able to provide robust traffic detection in adverse weather and lighting conditions.